Different Breed: Rommel Bundalian x X-Pro3

MANILA, this is where it all started. 6 years ago, was my first photowalk with my X-Pro1 with XF35mmf1.4. It’s been my photography playground for almost a decade. I’ve been to a lot of places in the Philippines and I love the diverse, the busyness and the coarseness of Manila. It’s people and its structures.

Capturing Manila is about seeing what’s reality.

Last August, I’m lucky enough to test the new X-Pro3 in the street of Manila.

X-Pro3 is for real. New design with hidden LCD with sub monitor for your film simulation is so classic but with purpose. It’s a niche market camera. Not for everyone, especially to people whom loves to chimp this camera is not for you. If you really into photography you will love this camera and if you’re new to photography you will learn photography with this camera. To date, it’s the purest mirrorless camera design with advanced modern features. The X-pro3 is the first X-Pro with hidden LCD, opening downward and getting down low or shooting from the hip is very natural in this hidden tilt screen. It gives new perspective to a rangefinder type of camera.

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